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The Science Behind The Rise Of CBD Topicals

While the cannabis plant has been used for millennia for its healing and medicinal qualities, full spectrum hemp oil has only recently begun to get the recognition it deserves. Studies conducted in rat models of anxiety and stress have shown that treatment with CBD oil for 21 days could alleviate stress and other symptoms. If you would like to buy CBD oil, our website contains the highest quality CBD products available. Available in oils, tinctures, balms, edibles, and even oil-filled vaporizers, there is no shortage of ways you can get your hands on CBD, and get that CBD into your system.

Over the last 10 years, people have experienced the benefits of CBD oil firsthand. In fact, recent studies indicate that CBD may actually counteract the psychoactive effects of THC. It’s important to note that many CBD oil products do not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC, the compound responsible for producing the high” associated with marijuana use).

South Carolina – SB 1025 (2014) allowed the use and purchase of CBD products from approved sources and verified distributors. Learn how CBD’s anti-anxiety mechanisms work by modulating the receptor signaling associated with THC. Pharmacists are increasingly fielding questions from patients and other healthcare practitioners regarding cannabis and CBD products.

Taking high doses of CBD can interfere with the degradation of these drugs leading to their increased bioavailability. CBD isolate is pure CBD with no THC. Another client was arrested for violating his parole after testing positive for THC, when he claimed he had only used CBD. cbdxline.com – CBD Oil To date, there have not been any conclusive studies about the safety of CBD oil use during breastfeeding, so it is not recommended until further studies are completed.

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